The Trails innovative model focuses on three beliefs that have driven our programming decisions:

–We believe that families benefit from being involved in their child’s process.

–We believe that practicing and applying the lessons learned in wilderness to everyday situations promotes lasting change.

–We believe that a wilderness setting enhances the benefits of therapy.

Guided by these beliefs, Trails has developed an innovative model of wilderness therapy. We capitalize upon the profound effects of a student’s wilderness experience by interspersing time at our campus.

As students face the challenges of the wilderness program their perspective begins to change and behaviors quickly follow. This helps build self-confidence and increase self-awareness as our Therapeutic, Wilderness, Residential, and Academic Teams help daily experiences become teachable moments.

Between expeditions, students reside at our base camp where they apply their wilderness lessons to different people and places.

This ability to transfer their skills and experiences to new situations helps students develop practical, real-life skills.

We’ve created a family program that is integrative, effective, and one that shines within the industry. Because of this, we ask that our students’ family be an active part of the process.

The work that the family does with the Trails family therapist, parallels what their child is experiencing – this allows for both the family and the child to heal, as well as enhances the families work that is done with their child.

Director of Admissions
Dottie Lank – BSW

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Trails Carolina
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