The Residential Treatment Center for Adopted Adolescents

Three Points Center is thrilled to be moving into our new facility. For the past three years, Three Points Center has been located in La Verkin, UT but has recently moved into a much larger and improved facility.

The new property is a ten-minute drive south to the town of Hurricane, just off of UT-59 S.

Our new facility is around a total of 180 acres and sits 3,900 feet above sea level on the Hurricane Mesa.

On their property, Three Points Center has access to two ponds, a stream, their own continuous water supply, orchards, horses, goats, pigs, chickens and a peacock.

The land surrounding the facility is owned by the Three Points Center, meaning there will be no other development in this area in the foreseeable future. The views are second-to-none and cannot be captured in a picture. To the north of their facility is Zion National Park, one of the most gorgeous National Parks in the country.

To the west is Pine Valley Mountain, a 10,500-foot mountain overlooking the entire St. George/ Washington area. To the east is Apple Valley and to the south is the Arizona strip, which leads to the Grand Canyon.

Three Points Center has brand new boy and girl dormitories for the students, 10 housing pods, outdoor basketball courts, and a dance studio. All of the buildings have been remolded with updated HVAC, security, phone, and internet.

We have a brand-new water-processing system and lush playing fields are starting to grow around the property.

Three Points Center’s new property is so enveloped by the beautiful land that no other structure or road can be seen from our facility.

Address: 1500 East 2700 South, Hurricane, UT 84737

We can help your family: 435.635.0636

Current studies indicate that 30 to 40% of the clients at adolescent residential treatment centers are adopted and adopted children are 7 times more likely than non-adopted children to end up in youth residential treatment centers.

When problems arise with adopted adolescents that can no longer be dealt with at home, thousands of these adopted individuals and their families are treated with a “cookie cutter” approach at residential facilities that are geared for the general adolescent population rather than for the specific needs of adopted adolescents and their families.

Among the myriad residential treatment centers for youth nationwide, not one has been designed and created explicitly for helping adopted youth and their families…until now.

Our approach is always comprehensive, compassionate, and custom-tailored to each adopted individual’s unique needs.