This month, Jessica Walker LCSW, primary therapist at the ViewPoint Center and Britten Lamb LCSW, Clinical Director of the ViewPoint Center, completed their Dialectical Behavioral training (DBT).

They will be certified to carry out DBT skills training for qualified patients. Dialectical Behavioral Training (DBT) is a effective treatment for people who have difficulty controlling their emotions and behaviors.

DBT aims to replace problem behaviors with skillful behaviors.

As an evidence-based form of psychotherapy, DBT helps individuals experience a range of emotions without necessarily acting on those emotions, navigate releationships within their environment (family/School/perrs), and create a life worth living.

The overall goals of DBT skills training include decreasing certain behaviors like:

  • Reduced focus and confusion about self skills: Not always aware of what you are feeling, why you get upset, or what your goals are, and/or have troulbe staying focused.
  • Emotional dysregulation: Fast, intense mood changes with little control and/or steady negative emotional state; mood-dependent behaviors.
  • Impulsivity: Acting without thinkg it all through; escaping or avoiding emotional experiences DBT aims to increase
  • The overall goals of DBT skills training aim to increase these positive behaviors:
  1. Core Mindfulness: Developing an awareness of thoughts, behaviors, feeling, and behavioral urges.
  2. Emotion Regulation Skills: Understanding one’s emotions, reducing emotional vulnerability, and decreasing emotion suffing.
  3. Distress Tolerance Skills: Learning to accept and tolerate distress.
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Skills that help individuals approach conversations in a more thoughtful and deliberate manner.
  5. Walking the middle path skills: Seeing a situation or solving a problem from more than one angle by balancing acceptance and change.


The ViewPoint Center is a specialty licensed mental health hospital for teens ages 12-18, is located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. With the program lasting 6-7 weeks, ViewPoint Center provides superior assessment, diagnosis, treatment and stabilization. Many teens who come to ViewPoint struggle with mental and behavioral issues such as suicidal ideation, anxiety disorder, and eating diorders, in a safe, personalized environment. Before ViewPoint, families are often frustrated and lost. Varying doctors and therapists with a range of advice, diagnoses, and plans leaves parents and children unsure of where to turn. At ViewPoint we centralize all of the different diagnoses, and create a comprehensive report for you and your family to get back on track. Contact Us Today to Learn more, 855-290-9682.