Uinta Academy added the newest member to the Uinta family, a sweet filly. She is doing well and learning the ropes of being a brand new baby.

The Uinta Academy girls have had a great time seeing this filly come into the world. They have spent time feeding and taking care of her.

Everyone at Uinta Academy loves the horses. The horses are there for the clients throughout the residential treatment program. Horses assist the girls through their therapeutic journey. filly

About Uinta Academy

Uinta Academy, located in Wellsville, UT, is a fully licensed residential treatment center focused on working with young ladies ages 13-21.

Uinta Academy is the nation’s leading multi-dimensional residential treatment center for adolescent girls. We specialize with girls who struggle with relationships and attachment who have experienced trauma.

Uinta Academy’s clinically intense and sophisticated treatment program is balanced by a warm, nurturing, family-style living environment. 

Uinta Academy is owned and directed by a licensed clinician. Clinicians make the frontline decisions that determine the quality and efficacy of care at Uinta because they have the technical knowledge needed to make sound strategic choices about treatment.

When parents make that initial call to Uinta to discuss their daughter, they speak to a licensed clinician.

The clinical leadership at Uinta has shaped the professional identity and sense of dedication for all staff at Uinta.