Uinta Academy is excited to announce that the movie “Girl on the Edge” will be released June 1st at Walmart stores nationwide. Released in 2015, this movie has garnered rave reviews and won 13 awards for its depiction of how trauma and bullying affect society.

The film was directed by Jay Silverman, written by Joey Curtis (screenplay) and stars Taylor Spretiler, as Hannah Green, as the girl in treatment.

It is largely based on the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), a type of experiential therapy offered at Uinta Academy.

The movie depicts three EAP concepts used at Uinta Academy: horse ownership, riding and equine individual and group therapy and shows how a relationship of trust and connection can be forged through equine therapy.

About Uinta Academy

Uinta Academy is owned and directed by a licensed clinician. Clinicians make the frontline decisions that determine the quality and efficacy of care at Uinta because they have the technical knowledge needed to make sound strategic choices about treatment.

When parents make that initial call to Uinta to discuss their daughter, they speak to a licensed clinician.

The clinical leadership at Uinta has shaped the professional identity and sense of dedication for all staff at Uinta.