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Originally from Ohio, James spent the last decade traveling the world developing his skills as a wellness coach.

He spent the majority of this time in Hong Kong where he worked with everyone from celebrities and models to adolescents who were struggling to make healthy choices. A certified Life Coach through Integrative Nutrition, James moved to Costa Rica because the location allows him to better practice what he preaches. He explained:

“In Costa Rica, everything can be locally sourced. The deep connection between me and my food can be established both by growing it myself and by supporting my neighbors who also grow food.”

James will be teaching Pure Life and Chirripó Extension students weekly cooking and nutrition classes. His curriculum focuses on giving students the basic building blocks to good nutrition and letting them learn through experiencing the changes nutrition makes in their own body.

By teaching how the body works he empowers natural self-healing through the correction of deficiencies, hormonal balancing, and improved assimilation and absorption of food. These dietary changes can help improve physical health, as well as mood and emotional stability. About this new opportunity to work with young adult students, James said:
“I’m excited to work with Pure Life because this age group is at a transition point in their life and I want to be a role model in helping to create a new future of well-balanced, motivated adults.”

In addition to his classes, James will be developing menus for Pure Life itineraries, improving the nutritional profile of each meal.

With James, Pure Life will increase the quantity of fresh, locally sourced, organic produce and meats at our students’ table every day.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to work with an experienced professional like James to expand our nutrition and wellness program in order to incorporate all that Costa Rica has to offer us—in particular, healthy food that is organic and locally grown.”
— Andrew Taylor, Pure Life Executive Director

Join us in welcoming James to the Pure Life team!

Andrew Taylor, CSUDC
Executive Director