Shannon Weaver and Ryan Schaffer

We are excited to announce the addition of Shannon Weaver as the Associate Director of Admissions and the promotion of Ryan Schaffer from a lead field guide to our newest Admissions Counselor. Both of these individuals bring a vast amount of experience to our team. They’ve both traveled, worked and lived in a global market. The Aspiro Group is committed to expanding our commitment to helping serve students and families in the states and around the world.

Please help us in welcoming these new, excellent professionals and please feel free to connect with them directly and utilize their unique talents.

Get to know Shannon-

As an LCSW, Shannon will be an excellent partner for families and consultants who desire a clinical eye when making decisions in the beginning of a treatment process.

Shannon is a seasoned clinical professional with 20 years of experience in mental health working in substance abuse clinics, residential treatment centers, and private practice. Shannon also has experience in admissions and marketing as the Director of Admissions at a therapeutic boarding school.

“Shannon is such a well-rounded, compassionate, and clinically savvy individual. She has a unique ability to connect with others and her commitment to helping families can truly be felt when talking with her,” says Josh Watson, Chief Marketing Officer for the Aspiro Group.

Education is another passion of Shannon’s. She is a certified English teacher whose love of teaching and passion for working with youth lead her to China, where she spent 6 years teaching children in International Baccalaureate schools and providing therapy in her private practice.

“It is rare to find a professional with her level of expertise whose desire is to work in admissions by helping families during the crisis point. Shannon thrives on being the calm in the storm. She offers the comfort and clinical eye that is crucial for the families who look to Aspiro for help. I’m beyond excited to welcome her to our team.” – Chelsea Dickinson.

Shannon grew up in Seattle, Washington and has lived in Israel, England, Russia, and China. She is an adventurer in her own right and recently completed a waterfall rappel with Aspiro’s field team and is always up for a challenge.

Shannon loves the beautiful landscape and outdoor opportunities that Utah has to offer. Shannon especially enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and 2 children.

Get to know Ryan-

Ryan may be new to admissions and outreach, but he is no stranger to the private treatment industry or Aspiro. \

His diverse experience ranges from a Lead Field Guide at Aspiro to teaching, administration, and student coaching in a therapeutic boarding school. Families will benefit from Ryan’s first hand involvement in the field with Aspiro students.

His experience and perspective provide a superior opportunity for families to learn about day-to-day life as an Aspiro student. Ryan is passionate about the effectiveness of wilderness adventure therapy and the profound difference it makes for Aspiro students and their families.

“Ryan has the heart of an educator and an adventure enthusiast. What a great combination and perfect fit for Aspiro!” – Chelsea Dickinson.

His career as an international English professor and in the private treatment industry speaks to his strengths and interests. As an Associate English Professor, Ryan spent seven years living abroad teaching English as a second language to adult engineering professionals. Ryan has lived and worked in Mexico, France, South Korea, and Germany. He can speak German and is also proficient in Spanish and French. When meeting and speaking to Ryan, it is quickly clear how his international experience informs his sensitivity, compassion, and understanding of people, cultures, and families.

Ryan is excited to work with a diverse range of parents and professionals. He will no doubt be a wonderful asset to anyone calling on Aspiro including international families and consultants.

Ryan grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and received his degree in speech communications at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

If he’s not on the phone at Aspiro, you’ll likely find him outside climbing, hiking, snowboarding, or disc golfing. He’s also likely to be found reading, writing, or dabbling in music.

Please help us in welcoming Shannon and Ryan to our Admissions Team!