Techie For Life (TFL) opens its doors. It is a co-ed vocational school for young adult students with Autism Spectrum (ASD), Learning Differences (LD) or other Neuro Atypical issues. The vocational school also has a track for students who want to attend a university for a traditional degree. It is located in close proximity to Dixie State University (DSU) in St. George, UT. TFL prepares every student for life long success by providing computer technology training with internship and job placement, teaching pertinent life skills, and meeting their social and emotional needs.

TLF has partnered with Eric Pederson, Dean of Technology and Science at DSU, to create a curriculum that teaches students common computer languages necessary for them to obtain jobs in the industry.

These languages include (among others) Python, HTML, Java Script, Java, CSS and Swift. Oracle has vetted these courses and approved them as relevant for the coding industry. TFL students have opportunities to use their skills to create programs used in real life job scenarios. Students are highly supported through their guaranteed internships and can continue as students to attain jobs within software companies.

Along with our vocational classes, TFL has multiple classes each week to teach students pertinent interpersonal and life skills. These include money management, cooking and meal planning, communication, and many other vital skills.

TFL provides students an opportunity to shift beyond their comfort zone and to try new things. Students participate in outdoor recreation, attend events within the community and at Dixie State University, and travel to events such as Lego conventions or Comic Con. Although TFL is licensed as a vocational school, they realize that their clients may be in need of a therapeutic environment.

Their Executive Director, Jason Grygla, is an experienced licensed therapist and father of a 24-year old on the spectrum.

The program director, Kristen McCoy, is a social worker and case manager. Each client, if desired, is provided with a weekly therapy session within a private practice located in the same building as TFL. In addition, students have assigned mentors available 24 hours a day to provide individualized support and care.


Techie For Life (TFL) is a coed vocational school located in St. George, UT. It is designed for socially and emotionally immature young adults (18-32 YO) to gain life and career skills and achieve their goals. Clients who enroll may have high functioning autism or other learning disabilities that has preventing them from achieving their goals. TFL provides college experience, specific mentoring, vocational training in computer programing and coding, life skills, and interpersonal communication skills.

Each client receives an internships and job placement assistance to fulfill their goals. Phone: 435-574-9393.