Student-led projects are a positive component of the curriculum at Summit Prep, located in Montana.

Here is an example of how successful this can be. Current student Joe had a great idea: he wanted to build a small pond in the courtyard.

With five years of landscaping experience under his belt, including his own business, Joe was well suited to the task.

Adam Shilling, art/landscaping instructor liked the idea so much that his Landscape Management class decided to take it on as a project, with Joe taking the lead.

Formal plans were made and the idea was successfully presented to Summit Prep’s Directors.

The class actively participated in all aspects of the project, from the digging of the hole to the construction of the rock siding. The result is a professional looking water feature that is a fabulous addition to Summit’s courtyard. 



About Summit Preparatory School

Summit Preparatory School is an accredited private, non-profit, co-ed therapeutic boarding school located on 520 acres near Kalispell, MT.  Summit integrates professional therapy and college prep academics within a nurturing and dynamic community that energizes and challenges adolescents to succeed and transform their lives.

Grounded in the concepts of the Summit Model, the program focuses on promoting the development of healthy psychological and social skills.

The campus is close to Glacier International Airport (FCA) and is less than an hour from Glacier National Park.

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