Solutions Parenting Support is honored to celebrate 5 years of serving families who have children in wilderness treatment and residential programs.

Founders, Jen Murphy and Hilary Moses have over 30 years combined experience working in the industry and have found a passion for helping support and walk alongside parents during the transition from programming to the next step of treatment; whether that is returning home, continuing onto a residential setting or a young adult program.

The main goal is to coach parents and provide tips and tools to help manage struggles and uncertainties as they support their child’s therapeutic process.

Solutions Parenting Support will collaborate with the child’s therapist and provide weekly support to parents and will assist parents who have a child in treatment capitalize on the time they have remaining in wilderness or residential.  Ultimately, they are working to provide clarity to parents by removing or helping define obstacles that may arise when parents are beginning to navigate their child’s transition from their current treatment process.

To learn more about Solutions Parenting Support and the services provided, please visit website.

To contact Solutions Parenting Support please call or email us at (970) 871-1231 

About Solutions Parenting Support

Solutions Parenting Support, LLC is a nationally recognized parent support and transitional program assisting families during and after wilderness therapy treatment and/or residential treatment programming.

With business offices are in Steamboat Springs, CO and Tucson, AZ the team is supporting parents and families in the United States and globe.   The team of parent coaches and transitional specialists are family system focused, licensed professional therapists and/or licensed social workers with a combined 40+ years of experience working in wilderness therapy programs, varying levels of residential treatment programming and transitional support.