CooperRiis Healing Community is pleased to announce that effective immediately, they have reduced entry rates for most intensive level of care at CooperRiis from $19,500 per month to $18,500. In addition, families can now access CooperRiis’ robust scholarship program one month earlier, making them eligible after two months of residency.

This change is happening because generous donors, mostly grateful families, helped us reach a record level of fundraising last year, topping $1 million for the first time. As a nonprofit, that money does not benefit shareholders.

Instead, it is used to bolster our programming. Just this year, Carl M. Anderson, PhD, world-class neuroscientist from Harvard, was hired as research director. He spearheads leading edge studies to help people improve their brains and heal trauma.

The effort will build on the Neuro-Enhancement Program, which has already generated results that have been presented at two national conferences.

One other development that will help families save money: CooperRiis now partners with SJ Health Insurance Advocates, an industry leader that works with insurance companies to help families receive their maximum health insurance benefits. This gives families more information about their insurance plans and how to obtain health insurance reimbursement for payments made to CooperRiis for its services. CooperRiis offers an intensive array of clinicians, along with a higher level of staffing, allowing individualized care. CooperRiis is not just clinical, however, focusing on the healing community component, helping highly complex individuals by treating wellness, not illness.

The CooperRiis Healing Community is a residential mental health facility founded in 2003 by parents of a child who faced mental health issues. Its campuses in Mill Spring and Asheville, N.C. have a resident-to-staff ratio that’s better than 1:1.

They treat wellness, not illness. CooperRiis residents experience a holistic approach that includes daily service work, peer interaction, diet, exercise, self-esteem and empowerment. Data and anecdotes from residents show that CooperRiis helps them and their families get beyond helplessness and blame to a positive place of hope, support and transformation.

Approximately 80 percent of residents who complete the program reach the level of independence they desire and are successfully reintegrated into the community, an achievement that has earned CooperRiis national recognition.