Novitas Academy is excited to announce that their first international trip to Costa Rica was a huge success. Eight boys, who are currently enrolled at Novitas, participated in this 10 day trip.

Novitas partnered with Pure Life by Aspiro, a wilderness adventure therapy program that specializes in working with young adults and operates out of Costa Rica.

The purpose of this trip was to learn about personal growth, identity and authenticity by diving into the lessons of A Hero’s Journey and The Seven Paths.

This trip allowed the boys to immerse themselves in an experiential learning trip where they were able to truly discover things about themselves and build their character in a way that they may not have had the opportunity to do before.

As they bungee-jumped, zip lined, learned to surf and stepped out of their comfort zones, they found their inner Hero.

Closely tied to the self-discovery experienced through these activities, they incorporated a rich service and cultural immersion element to this trip.

They spent three days deep in the rainforest with a native host family learning about ancient Costa Rican traditions, identifying the plants of the rainforest, participating in a sweat lodge ceremony, making chocolate, going on night hikes and living simply as a Costa Rican family.

About Notivas Academy

For boys with learning disabilities or learning difficulties we provide a safe, therapeutic, and nurturing learning environment in order to facilitate a successful transition into early adulthood.

We inspire our students to believe in themselves, their dreams, and their visions, encouraging them to be innovative, entrepreneurial, outside-the-box thinkers.