Next Chapter, an all-male, residential trauma and addiction recovery center in Delray Beach, FL, moved into their new clinical office.



The office is located at:

6646 W. Atlantic Ave
1st Floor
Delray Beach, FL 33446


Since opening their doors in 2015, Next Chapter has expanded from one 10-patient residence to two separate residences, holding a combined 18 patients.

The new clinical office is about twice as big as the old clinical office.

Because the staff-to-patient ratio is so important, Next Chapter has brought on several additional therapists, counselors, and residential managers. Every potential patient will undergo a thorough and extensive clinical evaluation before admission to the program. During this process, staff members will work together to uncover pertinent personal information, such as family history and co-occurring disorders.

Members of the clinical staff will then develop a highly personalized and comprehensive treatment plans, based on the specific requirements of each, individual patient.

Patients will spend the majority of their time at the clinical office, undergoing intensive group and one-on-one therapy.

They will be transported to the clinical office every morning, and they will be transported back to the residential facilities every evening.

Therapeutic work does not cease once patients return to the residence – the home-like, non-institutional environment is geared towards the development of personal responsibility, positive interactions with other residents, and the termination of unhealthy behavioral patterns. Patients will learn to live a sober lifestyle, while supporting one another and holding one another accountable.

The residential staff members are in close communication with the clinical staff members – they relay important information, noting significant interactions and any observed areas of concern. The clinical staff members are then able to focus their therapeutic sessions on relevant issues, tailoring group and individual sessions to best meet the needs of each individual patient. Like the residential facilities, the clinical office is clean, comfortable, and provides a safe and non-institutional environment – one that encourages patients to open up and begin the healing process.


About Next Chapter Treatment

Next Chapter is an all-male, residential program of trauma and addiction recovery. The residential facilities and new clinical office are located in Delray Beach, FL.

Next Chapter is JCAHO Accredited, and has helped numerous men overcome the devastating effects of unresolved trauma, mental illness, and substance dependency since first opening their doors in 2015.


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