To help ensure that Mountain Valley’s family therapy and family education curriculum is comprehensive and integrated with the clinical curriculum, Mountain Valley Treatment Center (MVTC) is now collaborating with the highly respected transition support and aftercare provider, Homeward Bound, employing their Not by Chance™ program.

Homeward Bound provides a family education curriculum tailored to parents’ needs and is delivered via a subscription-based online platform called Family Bridge.

All MVTC families are provided a free subscription upon enrollment. Family Bridge includes the relevant parenting support content from Homeward Bound and the Mountain Valley parent education curriculum.

In addition to providing online access to educational content, Family Bridge also allows parents to see pictures of their son/daughter and receive updates from Mountain Valley in a secure and easy-to-navigate format.

Mountain Valley therapists can supplement the psycho-education on ‘family accommodation of anxiety’ with prescribed assignments from Family Bridge.

While the partnership is relatively new, feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive and the collaborative nature of the relationship between MVTC and Homeward Bound is refreshing.

Of the approximately 60% of MVTC residents who return home after their 90 days of treatment, Homeward Bound also offers their optional in-home transition support and coaching services.

Homeward Bound’s masters and doctoral level transition coaches provide an important ingredient to the discharge plan, supporting the team of providers residents and families have in place after leaving MVTC and thus help ensure positive outcomes for residents.

About Mountain Valley Treatment Center

Mountain Valley Treatment Center, a not for profit program, was founded in 2011 to provide intensive residential treatment to adolescent boys and girls and emerging adults struggling with severe anxiety, OCD and other related disorders. Located in Pike, NH at the edge of the White Mountain National Forest, Mountain Valley stands apart from like providers because of its specialization, its unique setting and its comprehensive approach to care.

Residents typically spend 60-90 days at MVTC taking advantage of the most effective evidence-based treatments through individual, group and family therapy, conducted in a caring, supportive and ethical fashion that meet the unique needs of the individuals, and the expectations of the professional practice of social work, psychology and psychiatry.