Jeremy Lotz, Director of Training at Shelterwood Academy, loves seeing transformation in students and their families. Get to know Jeremy.

What Jeremy loves most about Shelterwood: For Jeremy, Shelterwood is all about the transformational heart change he sees in teens and in parents. “This is my twelfth year in teen residential programs, and I worked in three programs prior to Shelterwood. They were sharp, clinically sound, evidence-based programs. But Shelterwood takes change to a whole new level. I expected to see adolescents and parents supported and changed, but I didn’t expect seeing them become new creations, and that’s what I see constantly at Shelterwood.”

When he was a teen: Jeremy grew up in Ferguson, Missouri, just outside Saint Louis. “I went to an overcrowded and dangerous high school, and I tended to identify with an urban culture where I was doing life,” he says. “I felt pretty unseen and unheard as a teen. But I had a solid church, solid parents and a solid youth group, which really gave me the hardware, while gathering life skills to really relate to pretty hardened teenagers.”

Before Shelterwood: Jeremy was a therapist in two residential settings, one in Missouri and one in Maine. He and his wife were relocating to Kansas City for her job when Jeremy met the Shelterwood Program Director at a national conference in Maine. “I’d never heard of a faith-based residential setting for adolescents,” he says. “They needed a male therapist and asked if I needed a job. God’s timing was perfect, and long story short, I started two weeks later.” Jeremy celebrates six years at Shelterwood this fall.

His favorite part about being the Director of Training: In his role, Jeremy does some counseling and also spearheads professional development efforts. “I love watching staff discover the power and energy of residential programming. I see them realize how fun it is, and how collaborative it can be. Even for therapists, who have been in this field a long time, I’m always amazed to see them explore therapy from new angles.”

The Dream Team: “Shelterwood Academy has become a place where we’re attracting really seasoned therapists, and we’re developing a counseling dream team,” Jeremy smiles. “A really well-rounded and creative team is here.”

The most unique thing happening in Shelterwood counseling right now: From sand tray and equine therapy to arts and spiritual retreats, experiential therapy truly helps students get to core issues. “Our clinical team is taking strides toward experiential programming like never before,” Jeremy says.

Family: Jeremy and his wife, Cassie, have been married for 15 years and have a one-year-old son, Camden. “It’s been wild. I’ve gotten to know some of the best parents in the country here at Shelterwood. They’ve given me the best advice — it almost feels backwards! We work with great parents.”

Outside work: Jeremy loves exercise and nutrition, as well as music, movies and reading. “These days, much of my time is spent just hanging out with Cassie and Camden,” he smiles.

Best part of his job at Shelterwood: “It’s a coalescence of what I want my life to be about — counseling, family, work, teens and ministry.” Jeremy says. “There’s nowhere else like Shelterwood.”


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