Aspiro-10-year-signatureJessica Williamson has been instrumental in the development of the Family Services Department at Aspiro since 2014. The Family Services Department assists the families of our students and ensures they have access to needed information and support throughout their time at Aspiro.

Family Therapy at Aspiro

In the process of change, outcomes are facilitated as shifts are made in individual lives, and family relationship. While individual therapy at Aspiro allows our students to progress in positive ways in their personal lives, they also assess their relationships with family members. Letter writing is utilized to promote thoughtful communication, designed to take accountability, productively give and receive feedback, and positively strengthen relationships. Parents and guardians join in weekly phone call with their child’s therapist to better understand their child’s needs, ways they can interact differently with their child and support their child’s development.

The fundamental foundation that is laid through therapy and communicating more meaningfully through letters is further built upon as parents/guardians and their child are brought back together for a 2 day interactive seminar. With the focus of developing empathy, healthier family coping skills, perspective, improving communication, increasing gratitude for each family member, and enjoying the fun found in recreational activities and adventures the family system is continued to be impacted and changed. With the framework established and development of helpful skills of interacting as a family, progression can continue following the seminar, through the completion of one’s time at Aspiro, and into the future.

About Jessica Williamson

JessicaJessica Williamson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She joined Aspiro in 2009 as a trail guide and gained the unique understanding of the field experience that is part of Wilderness Adventure Therapy. By working in the field with students, and using the experiential learning model, Jessica saw the positive impact that Aspiro has on students and their families. After earning her Masters, she returned to Aspiro as a clinician and began working with families and students, with a primary goal being to help them develop and strengthen healthy relationships.

Jessica specializes in systemic therapy and working with students who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, identity development, body image, sexual addictions, addictions, and/or family conflict. To stay current, and provide her clients with the best care, she attends conferences and collaborates with other professionals. Always wanting to also give back, she served on the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals for the Utah Chapter.

Jessica is dedicated to helping families navigate and facilitate change through effective therapy while they attend Aspiro. She continues to help with program development, and also organizes Aspiro’s monthly family seminars where students and families are able to: develop empathy, healthy family coping skills, perspective, improved communication, gratitude, and the rewarding outcomes found in Adventure Therapy.