College Excel, a comprehensive, residential college support program located in Bend, Oregon, is currently in the beginning stages of having three dogs certified as “emotional support animals,” also known as therapy dogs, through the National Service Animal Registry.

These dogs include Rosie, a labrador pitbull mix, Theo, a golden retriever and Otis, a golden retriever. therapy-dogs

Emotional support animals provide just what their name states: emotional support to their owners, as well as to others who have the luxury of coming into contact with them. Research has shown that simply petting dogs for a few minutes can instantly lower human stress levels. At College Excel, it is exciting that these wonderful pooches can help staff and students alike!

About College Excel

Founded in 2003, College Excel is the nation’s leading residential college support program located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

At College Excel, post-secondary adults (18+) who have diverse learning needs and require extra support are provided with the structure they need to move forward, both academically and personally. Through a proprietary coaching model rooted in research-based neurocoaching and behavioral coaching techniques, students receive daily support from a team of credentialed and experienced professionals while earning transferable college credits.

At College Excel, we believe that the college experience serves as an important vehicle for young adults to achieve independence and establish a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Our time-tested, Harvard research-backed, and transformative coaching model has helped hundreds of college-capable students determine and then follow their own paths to success.

Our certified staff of Academic and Student Life Coaches, as well as our team of wellness experts, ensure that our students achieve their goals both inside and outside of the classroom. Simultaneously, our Parent Coach assists parents as they support their student’s personal transformation.