On July 27th, EDGE Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community celebrated its 5th anniversary. In attendance were alumni and their families, our original staff team, current staff and students and key supporters and dear friends of EDGE. In the past 5 years, we have served close to 100 students and their families, proud of all of their good work and accomplishments. Over the years developed and benefited from many valuable relationships and learned so much from the students, their families, the professional community, colleagues and trusted professionals in this industry. EDGE has also grown during this time and made changes to meet the needs of emerging adults, based on our observations, input from consultants and our peers, as well as growing research and feedback from our alumni.

EDGE Students benefit from:

  • Masters-level clinical coaching staff who live on-site and go with you on your journey to greater independence and academic success, making EDGE the most clinically supportive young adult program.
  • A metropolitan setting like no other young adult program, giving you the freedom and support to explore intellectual, social, service and recreational opportunities.
  • A unique philosophy that provides a framework for highly individualized, responsive support in a warm, encouraging community environment.
  • Access to more colleges and universities than any other young adult program, which allows you to choose the right school and academic plan among a diverse array of college options.

A new position, Learning Coordinator, represents additional emphasis on the academic goals of our students.

EDGE Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community located in Chicago, IL offers a therapeutically supported living environment for post-treatment young adults striving to excel academically while creating a life of balance, joy and wellness.