EDGE Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community is thrilled to announce that Kyla Cretekos-Gross, M.Ed., has joined the program as the new EDGE Learning Coordinator.

She is taking over the Learning Coordinator position from Brittany Williams, who recently left EDGE to focus on her growing family.

Kyla earned her Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Development from Cornell University in 2013.

She continued her academic career at Lipscomb University, earning her Master of Education in Planning and Instruction in 2014.

Kyla has since developed a diverse background in education and mentoring. She recently held positions with both the Oasis Center and Teach for America, working as a program liaison and high school mathematics teacher, respectively. Through her experiences in education, Kyla has developed a passion for working individually with young adults.

“As a Learning Coordinator at EDGE, I am driven to assist students in discovering and building on their strengths to better understand their own goals and needs,” said Kyla. “While consistently keeping the main goal of successful independent living at the forefront of my work, I strive to help students gain an understanding of how to navigate college campuses, campus resources, and the demands of a college workload.”

Kyla helps EDGE students achieve success in college and beyond by providing one-on-one academic and personal coaching. Through fostering skills of self-sufficiency, her coaching furthers the EDGE mission to instill lasting, sustainable change in its students’ lives.

About EDGE Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community

EDGE Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community is an accredited transitional living program located in Chicago, IL.

EDGE offers therapeutically supported residential and non-residential options for post-treatment young adults. 

The participants, ages 18 -24, are striving to excel academically, while creating a life of balance, joy and wellness.


63 East Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60601