Dore December 2015Dore E. Frances, PhD Class Offering

12 Steps to Personal and Professional Development.

An understanding of who you are as an individual is essential to understanding who you are as a leader.

This can be a leader in your professional career and it can also be being a leader in your own personal life.

Your personality style dictates how well you lead others and how well you adhere to your own personal life of leadership in all you choose to do for yourself.


The 12 Steps:

Your Self-Esteem – Improve Your Self-Esteem
Identifying Your Personal Style – Build Trust and Credibility
Listenting: The Key to Success – Tailor Information
Communicate and Succeed – Break Down the Barriers
Conflict Management – Be a Win-Win Problem Solver
People Skills and Personal Power
Managing Stress – Balance Your Life
Understanding Your Associates, Co-Workers, Employees and Self
Total Quality Teams at Work and in Your Home
Coaching and Counseling Skills
The Challenge of Change
Dealing With the Workforce of Today and Their Mindset

12 Steps to Self-Analysis and Self-Improvement in both personal and professional arenas, making it possible for you to “jump start” your career or move toward empowerment for yourself.

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