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BlueFire Wilderness Therapy, a leading wilderness therapy program for teens ages 11-17, engages students in exciting academic programming through a weekly topical discussion called the Ignition Hour.

The Ignition Hour is intended to ignite within teens the self-belief that they can successfully participate in an academic setting. It provides a unique format which engages students on an intellectual level.

Many of BlueFire’s clients have previously struggled in a traditional classroom setting. Ignition Hour encourages clients to participate in a multilayered analysis of a specific topic.

“During Ignition Hour, each teen offers their own perspective on an issue,” comments Charles Hancock, LCPC, therapist at BlueFire. “It’s not about who is right or wrong about an issue. Ignition Hour allows teens to look at different aspects of an issue which may be entirely new to them. Everyone is working together to analyze a particular issue in a well-rounded, multi-faceted way.” Most of the time, students are responsible for choosing the topics for Ignition Hour.

Topics explored have included: war, social media, zoos, air pollution, land conservation, gun control, prison, the foster care system, taxes, overuse of technology, and the population boom.

“Ignition Hour has seen unbelievable results in boosting the self esteem and confidence of students to contribute in intellectual and academic settings,” continues Hancock. “Many of our students hated academics before coming to BlueFire. By getting them engaged in higher level thinking through Ignition Hour, we are able to change the way they think about their academic and intellectual abilities.”

After each Ignition Hour, students write a summary of what topics were discussed during the Ignition Hour. By putting the ideas of every member of the discussion on paper, students are able to revisit the ideas they voiced within the discussion and continue the academic stimulation of Ignition Hour.


BlueFire Wilderness is a wilderness therapy program based outside of Boise, Idaho.

It offers teens ages 11-17 a comprehensive adventure experience. BlueFire Wilderness combines clinical expertise, academic assessments and a family systems approach to help teens struggling with emotional, behavioral and social challenges.

Call us directly at 1 (844) 413-1999.

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