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Alpine Academy Director Michele Boguslofski presents Teaching-Family Model to Canadian Association of Community Services as evidence-based model for trauma-informed care.Michele

Alpine Academy’s Michele Boguslofski was recently in Edmonton Canada representing the Teaching-Family Association at a conference hosted by the Canadian Government.

The title of the conference was “From Theory to Practise: Residential Care for Children and Youth” and was designed specifically for various treatment models that are driven by research and evidence-based.

Canada is looking for a model to adopt for their government funded contracts.

The models that were asked to present were asked to specifically talk about how they use trauma-informed care to put their models in to practice for helping children and families.

Michele did a stellar job of representing the Teaching-Family Model and explaining the philosophy and practice of care and treatment that prioritizes therapeutic relationships with caregivers as the primary conduit of effective treatment in supportive family-style settings.

Through peer-reviewed research and clinical practice, the Teaching-Family Model is recognized as a model of treatment that is cost-efficient, replicable, individualized, and highly effective for all participants.

To read more about the Teaching-Family Model and how Alpine Academy implements the model, click here.

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