Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), a Residential Therapeutic Boarding School in Martin, GA, celebrates 16 years this August of offering hope and healing to teens and families in crisis.

Beginning in 2001, Shepherds Hill combines a rigorous fully accredited Academy with Therapeutic care. A 5:1 Student to Staff Ratio ensures individualized attention to promote academic success and empowers students to develop their gifts and talents.

Beginning with $200 and a handshake, Shepherds Hill Academy has grown since the organization’s humble beginnings. Now staffing over 50 employees, Shepherds Hill is a safe haven for teens and families.

Shepherds Hill Academy Co-Founder, Trace Embry, attributes the growth and success of Shepherds Hill Academy to the Lord. “The growth of SHA over the past 16 years is nothing short of a God thing. Anyone who’s been reading our newsletters for the past 16 years can attest to this.

Despite miraculous results with the kids and families we serve, Job One at SHA has always been to obey God and His Word first and foremost. The byproduct of doing so has helped bring healing and life transformations to kids and families, not just from local areas, but from areas around the world!”

Shepherds Hill Academy Director of Program Development, Allison Wallace noted, “Over the years, I have enjoyed watching SHA continuously strive to maintain a standard of excellence. The dedicated staff at SHA not only have a heart for teens in crisis but a passion to see them served with the utmost integrity. Whether it be residentially, clinically or academically Shepherds Hill offers exceptional treatment from exemplary staff.”

As a non-profit organization, Shepherds Hill Academy has relied on faithful donations from individuals, churches, organizations and businesses, along with student tuition to sustain the organization. The outreach and impact of SHA has been amazing, reaching students around the world. “SHA has now served hundreds of kids and families from virtually every state in the union and 14 other countries. Our 185 acre facility has been growing by Divine intervention and sparked by the handshake and $200 that secured the original 60 acre tract back in 1994.”

With sixteen years of offering hope and healing in the books, Trace Embry looks forward to what is ahead.“What excites me most about the future of SHA is anticipating what God will do next. We want the name of Jesus Christ lifted up; because, He is the healing agent here at SHA—from start to finish.”

Wallace also looks forward to the future of SHA.“I am really looking forward to taking what we have perfected within the walls of SHA outside into the community and beyond. Our heart is to reach more people and provide for families the tools that they can utilize in their own homes in hopes of preventing the need for residential care.”

Shepherds Hill Academy combines Christian principles, Evidence based therapy, and an Unplugged Wilderness Component in their Residential Program to create an environment that is conducive to healing and recovery.

On-site boys and girls therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Addiction Therapy, Family Trauma, Anger Management and more.

Comprehensive therapeutic plans are created for each student and tailored to meet their individual needs.


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