Setting the Stage for Recovery



by Gabrielle Magloire

So, what is Creative Recovery, exactly? Creative Recovery is a weekly meeting at Madeline, also known as The Factory; it’s an approach to sobriety and recovery that embraces creativity and performance as some of the best outlets we have for health and happiness; it’s a group that is regularly shifting to accommodate new ideas and people. Most importantly, though, it has become AIM House participants’ favorite event of the week.

Aim articleRecently, AIM House opened the invitation to other treatment centers and recovery programs in the Boulder area to join in the collaborative spirit of Creative Recovery.

Since then, we’ve had three separate programs join us regularly to share in the enjoyment of new voices at Open Mic Night, dance alongside one another at sober dances, and share laughter at comedy nights.

Additionally, over the last few months Creative Recovery has offered participants an array of collaborative activities such as cookie decorating throughout the holidays, colossal games of charades, photography exhibits and talks, dance troupes, finger painting, karaoke, group art… the list goes on and on!

At Creative Recovery we invite a wide variety of speakers to share their own journeys—from big-name artists to past participants who are maintaining and flourishing in their sobriety and who are willing and proud to share their story.

Since it is Creative Recovery, the speakers will usually talk about their prior use and its effect on their particular choice of creative outlet or passion, and the effects that their acquired sobriety has had on this aspect of their lives.

Overall, Creative Recovery has become an important and meaningful part of the AIM House experience, one that is ever-evolving and changing based on current participants and their unique passions. It’s a reminder that sobriety can and most assuredly does lead to incredible creative outlets. It reminds us that our lives are just beginning, and that it’s okay to turn our mistakes or negative experiences in the past into positive life lessons. How we spend our energy is up to us!