Calo has a robust canine program that is by headed Jeanna Osborn, Canine Director. There is excitement about at the Calo Teens and Calo Preteens campus, as they just received a special holiday treat of six new puppies, two of which are slated for the preteen canine program.

Canine dynamics, health and wellness have been the training focus. Heart training continues to be a success. The Calo Teens and Preteens team have done a great job of implementing this co-regulation piece to canine training times.

Calo Young Adults canines are enjoying the holiday festivities in beautiful Winchester, VA. Though some of the inflatables around town are more frightening than the weather, they provide lots of opportunities to manage the dogs through distraction while building trusting relationship with handlers who keep them safe. The students are enjoying results from their efforts to get the canines walking on leash with minimal pulling.

Those enjoying success are creating motivation and momentum for those still struggling. We continue to work on the AKC STAR Puppy training and are looking forward to the puppies receiving their certifications.

New Vision Wilderness canines are enjoying the cool weather. They are feeling and looking great in their winter coats. In Wisconsin, the plan for ‘Athena’ is for her to work from the office until a group splits.

In the meantime, she is available for tours, enrollments, discharges and special projects/interventions.

In Oregon, Canine Coordinator Rachel reports students utilizing the Canine Reflection sheet to share insight. Students reveal that while spending time in the “Growth Zone” with a canine they are able to identify that when they relax and feel good, it is reflected by their canine. How exciting to hear the students experiencing co-regulation.

Great job, NVW team.

Check out the new version of the website that highlights the canine program here.

Embark by Calo, the Transformational Family Intensive and Workshops, also have their own canine to the program. This dog is with the Calo Teens student for a couple of months before going full-time with Embark.

“Thanks to everyone for the support during the Campaign to Heal Childhood Trauma Tour. It was such an honor to represent Calo canine program and to be a part of this movement. Hope to be a part of this for a long time to come” said Jeanna Osborn.

About Calo Programs

Calo (“kay-low”) Programs is a behavioral and mental health provider specialized in healing the effects of complex developmental trauma. Calo Programs is comprised of Calo Teens, Calo Preteens – both residential programs located in Lake Ozark, MO predominately serving adoptive families, and New Vision Wilderness – “NVW”), Calo Young Adults – a transitional living program for young adults –  and Embark by Calo, a therapeutic workshop and family intensive program for those reeling from issues of trauma, attachment and adoption.