Oxbow Academy is a program that is constantly working towards improvement and how we can better meet the needs of our families. We have recognized a need to have an in-house accessible tool to properly measure the progress of our students, aside from the YOQ, which is from the perspective of the student.

For the past couple years our Executive Director, Shawn Brooks, and our Research Director, Maria Waters, have worked side by side with Professor Jared Shultz from the Utah State University to design a residential tool that can track data on each of our students. It is called the RESBA, Residential Emotional Social, and Behavioral Assessment and allows staff, therapist, and teachers to input data on how each of our students is doing daily emotionally, socially and behaviorally. Not only does this allow us to have better informed and directed treatment with each of our students, but also allows the parents a way to see their child’s progress over time as well.

To read more about our efforts to advance our program through research please feel free to check out our website or recent blog post about being awarded a Research Designated Program by NATSAP.

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