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63 E 11400 S
Sandy, Utah 84032

Program Description

Our therapeutic interventions for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Nonverbal Learning Disorder are based on first developing a relationship of trust and respect, combined with appropriate boundaries and high expectations.

Once this foundation of trust and respect is established, we can begin to truly understand your child and his or her individual strengths and needs. The crucial mechanism of change at Vantage Point is the creation of “Overwhelming Mastery” experiences.

“Overwhelming” refers to the idea that the student experiences success and positive feedback in ways that are dramatic and that cannot be subconsciously discounted. While learning a specific outdoor adventure therapy skill, we give specific, positive feedback about something they are doing right. Unlike generic praise, the positive reinforcement created by this method of feedback is very concrete and difficult to dismiss.

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10 weeks




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AdvancED (formally Northwest Association of Schools)