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2627 N Plaza Rd
Emmett, Idaho 83617

Program Description

Novitas Academy is for boys age 14-18 with learning difficulties.

We provide a therapeutic and learning environment in order to facilitate a successful transition into early adulthood. Our exceptional staff and faculty inspire our students to believe in themselves, their dreams, and their visions, encouraging them to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and outside-the-box thinkers.

Boys are taught to be successful by mastering life skills through a blended learning approach including: Project Based Learning, technical and entrepreneurial classes, and credit-recovery.

The organic flow of collaboration lends itself to students with learning differences and captures their interests.

Students partake in a career/college assessment program, local internships, and receive assistance in developing an individualized 10-year plan. We give a series of self-discovery assessments that capture the young man’s passions and strengths. This information helps to identify what is special about the young man thereby encouraging, nurturing, and building self-confidence. With that information in hand, we are able to place them into internships that support them in learning work skills, social skills, and help them discover areas of interest and talent.

During their time at Novitas each of the boys in our care learn through many therapeutic methods and experiences, including participation in adventure therapy trips that may be local, regional, or even involve international travel.

They discover their Grit as they learn to push through difficult challenges and are able to feel the satisfaction of their accomplishment. The students meet individually with their therapist 3 (three) times a week and also in active, adventurous group sessions weekly. They also work closely with our Student Services to learn how and to experience the need for budgeting their finances.

We work with the Ruler Approach that teaches the fundamentals for recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing and regulation emotions, and the end result is significantly reduced bullying, higher test scores, and more success in personal and professional endeavors.

“With inspiration from the books Mindset and David and Goliath, we have combined the Anatomy of Peace, The Ruler Approach, and modified collaborative problem solving approach into a relational, strengths-based, vocational-prep. program that inspires students to reach their goals.” says Dr. Andrew Sapp, Founder & Owner of both Cherry Gulch and Novitas Academy.

Admissions Information

Amber Egbert

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