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112 Riverside Dr
Eureka, Montana 59917

Program Description

Welcome to Mountain Academy, a boys school for troubled teens.

It is our hearts' desire to partner with you to provide the year-round, residential structure, setting, and life experiences that will reverse the current painfully negative, downward spiral of your son's precious, God-given life.

We assist boys ages 8-14. Our informal "counseling" sessions take place during ordinary family-style routines, academic classroom assignments/homework assistance, or especially during outdoor challenging, even "fun" activities. In these interactions, we determine to listen to, reflect back, and reframe the real or perceived feelings of anger, resentment, rejection, betrayal, loss, grief, and hurt your child expresses as well as the dreams, hopes, and aspirations that may lie buried deep within.

We offer kindness, respect, and consideration, as well as structure, guidance, and expectations that will help your son gain control of his emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.

All staff has sought training and experience to learn how to interrupt the negative cycle and facilitate the development of more rewarding habits, interactions, and behaviors. Your son should expect to be challenged academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually as he enrolls and progresses through the year-long (12 month minimum) program.

Admissions Information

Samuel Christian

406 291 5480

Program Details

6 students

12 to 15 months




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