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Key Housing

Transition Support

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Teen Transitional Living Programs


11727 Barrington Ct.
Los Angeles, California 90049

Program Description

Key Housing is a transitional living program for male teens ages 14-17 years old.

The Key House is a structured life-skills and academic focused home for males who struggle with behavioral, mental health, and/or failure to launch issues. Our residents focus on goal setting, academic enrichment activities, social skills and emotional awareness.


Key Housing provides each client with a mentor as unique as they are who will meet with them twice per week. Clients are taught how to prepare meals, do their laundry, clean their rooms, organize their day, manage their money, study habits, set life goals, prepare for outings, and other activities, necessary to live life independently.

Clients engage in many of these activities on a daily basis.

Clients are praised for successfully completing activities and are coached on how to complete difficult activities by program staff and their mentor.

Key Housing focuses on educating clients to face decisions about new social situations and responsibilities, future career and educational goals, management of behavior, and development of personal routines.

Our mission is to create and maintain a safe, nurturing home that meets the specialized needs of our clients.

Key Housing provides the following support systems:

~ Academic and Vocational Support

~ Stress Management and Social Skills

~ Improving Self-Esteem/Confidence

~ Finding a Sports Team or Club to Join

Finding Extracurricular Activities to Create a Routine/Structure

~ Time Management Skills

~ Passion Development

~ Community Network and Fellowship

~ Contacting and Connecting with Beneficial People

~ Creating a Resume; Writing a Cover Letter

~ Cooking and Nutritional Education

~ Goal setting / Use of Leisure Time

~ Social Problem Solving

~ Money management

~ College Search and Applying to College

~ Organizational Skills

~ Educational Support

It is our mission to prepare students to face the world head-on and flourish on their own terms, which is why we require residents to make school a priority. We provide online schooling in our house as well as provide students the opportunity to attend a school that is a fit for them outside of the Key House. We support our residents in their pursuit of any productive post-graduation goals as well.

After school tutoring and in-school behavioral health management skills are well coordinated to ensure residents have the best opportunity for academic success.

Parental Support

We understand the value of the family system and provide parent coaching weekly to assist families in strengthening their relationship with their child. The family coach takes a role of assisting in helping parents tackle everyday challenges with their child who struggles.

Emotional Support

Therapy is provided weekly as a part of our housing program.

While we do not require our clients to see our therapists, we do require therapy as part of our program. Should a client have an outside therapist, we can provide transport to accommodate their needs.

Social and Recreational Activities

Key House includes weekly social and recreational activities for residents.

Individual purpose based activities are determined by each client’s personal goals. Group activities will be focused on improving relationships and communication in the home or may be geared towards targeting a common behavioral issue (e.g. poor social skills).

Planned social and recreational activities provide clients with a full continuum of positive and sometimes challenging opportunities.

This enables them to identify healthy outlets for energy investment and to develop interests during their free time.

~ Hiking and Surf Therapy

~ Cultural Outing to Local Museums

~ Sporting Events and Inter mural Games

~ Comedy Shows

~ Community Concerts

Admissions Information

Ryan Blivas

800 421-4364

Program Details


3-9 months




For Profit

State Licensed

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