What is a therapeutic day school?

Therapeutic day schools are for students who struggle in a standard academic setting and who may have fallen behind due to behavioral, emotional or other psychological challenges. Staff and teachers are trained in working effectively with students who struggle with behavioral issues, emotional issues, learning disabilities and more.

A therapeutic day school is a good option […]

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What is a transitional independent living program?

Transitional Independent Living Program also known as a Young Adult Program. With the goal of helping older teens and young adults (ages 18 and over) individuate from their families and integrate successfully into the larger community, transitional independentliving programs combine home-like living with supportive activities. In these programs, young adults can receive a combination of life skills […]

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What is a wilderness therapy program?

Wilderness therapy (also known as outdoor behavioral healthcare) is an adventure-based therapy treatment modality for behavior modification and interpersonal self-improvement, combining experiential education, individual and group therapy in an outdoor wilderness setting. Wilderness therapy successfully treats children, adolescents, teens, young adults and older adults from all over the world.

Wilderness treatment’s primary goal is to instill motivation and introduce […]

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What options are available to help pay for treatment?

Addiction treatment, clinical in-patient treatment, eating disorder programs, residential therapeutic treatment and wilderness programs, can be pricey.

Combining academic support, clinical needs, medical care, psychotherapeutic treatment, recreational therapeutic support, and room and board often adds up to a significant bill. Many families are worried about their choices: opt for the comprehensive care that improves the odds of […]

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What is a Parent Coach?

A parent coach is a certified professional who helps you cultivate a better relationship with your children. Whether on the phone, in-person, or over Skype, a parent coach gives customized support and advice based on each individual family’s needs. Parenting is about defining how you need and want to parent. Parenting isn’t about finding the “right” way […]

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What are adolescent transport services?

Adolescent transport services are available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week to assist families in need.

Most have many caring, experienced teams that will work with your family to transport your troubled child/teenager from your home or hospital to the residential treatment center, residential therapeutic boarding school, or wilderness program, that you choose.

There are three (3) […]

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What questions do I need to ask a private boarding school?

  • Do you offer financial aid? 
  • How much is tuition and what does it include?
  • How do you integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum?
  • How do you measure individual achievement and progress?
  • Is there an art studio, gymnasium, library, music room, sports field, technology center, and the like?
  • What are your class sizes […]
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What questions do I need to ask an educational consultant before engaging in their services?

25 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Educational / Therapeutic Consultant

Not every question needs answering. There may be other questions you will want to ask. This list is just a first step to finding the best educational consultant for your family and student.

1. Are all your service fees stated in writing, up front, indicating […]

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