How long does an addiction treatment program last?

The duration of any kind of addiction treatment is dependent upon the condition of the client, the type of addiction they are suffering from, and the severity of the effects of substance abuse. The treatment can be an outpatient treatment program or an inpatient one. When it’s the latter, the treatment can last as short […]

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What is an educational consultant?

An educational consultant is an independent consultant who helps family members/parents/students and organizations with educational planning.

The Higher Education Consultants are focused almost exclusively on the practice of college admissions consulting. Independent Educational Consultants, also known as therapeutic consultants, are more focused on assisting families and students with specialties that include adoption/ attachment challenges, behavior concerns, […]

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How can an educational consultant assist me?

A lot of family members, grandparents and parents speak with friends, neighbors and even those they work with, who have also had concerning challenges with their child, adolescent or young adult.

You can spend a lot of time endlessly researching / searching on the Internet looking for clinical treatment, programs, schools and wilderness programs that can […]

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What is an Interventionist?

Many families struggle on their own when someone they love has developed an addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, the Internet, or sex. They may be ashamed or just think they can fix it on their own.

Often, the addicted person is simply too determined to continue their addictive behaviors and will make false promises, outright lie, […]

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Are all Residential Treatment Centers (RTC) Licensed?

Private residential treatment programs for children, adolescents and teens offer a range of services, including adoption / attachment support, clinical support, confidence building, alcohol treatment, eating disorder support, family support, learning challenge and academic support, and psychological counseling for a variety of addiction, behavioral, emotional and mental health challenges. Many of these programs […]

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What does a young adult coach help with?

Young adults today are a unique and diverse cohort of college grads and 20-30 somethings. On one end of the spectrum are the overachievers who expect a C-suite job offer straight after graduation. On the other end are the confused and multi-passionate procrastinators who wind up back home, in their childhood bedroom, with nothing to […]

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What is a residential treatment center (RTC)?

A residential treatment center (RTC) is a live-in health care facility / program / school that provides therapy for academic problems, ADD/ADHD, anger management issues, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety, depression, family conflict, lack of boundaries, low self-esteem, peer conflict, and poor impulse control in combination with other concerns.

Residential treatment may be considered one of […]

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What is a speciality psychiatric and behavioral hospital?

Speciality psychiatric behavior hospitals are inpatient psychiatric hospitals who are dedicated to treating individuals with complex mental illness, including severe addictive, anxiety, mood, and personality disorders.

There are adolescent treatment programs and young adult treatment programs. There are programs for adults with complex psychiatric issues that have hindered their capacity to meet important personal, vocational, and interpersonal goals.

There […]

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What is a therapeutic boarding school (TBS)?

A therapeutic boarding school (TBS), also known as a private residential treatment center / program / school, is a tuition-based, out-of-home placement that combines education and therapy for students with academic decline, alcohol and drug abuse struggles, anxiety disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders, depression, family conflicts, impulsivity, low self image, negative peer group influences, learning […]

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