Adolescent transport services are available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week to assist families in need.

Most have many caring, experienced teams that will work with your family to transport your troubled child/teenager from your home or hospital to the residential treatment center, residential therapeutic boarding school, or wilderness program, that you choose.

There are three (3) primary charges associated with the transportation of an adolescent / teen minor. These charges are for the Guides, Airfare (or car rental when driving) and Hotel should they need to stay overnight due to times of flights.

There needs to be two (2) Agents to transport your child / teen, from time of pick-up until they reach the program or agreed upon program location, and then always provide a female agent when transporting females.

It is highly recommend that you hire a transport service that is business licensed, specifically insured, employs all of its interventionists, and provides thorough background checks on its entire staff.

International transport is also available.

It’s recommended you obtain references from other families / parents who have used these service providers in an effort to make the best decision for your child / adolescent and your family.

You do not want a service that uses intimidation, threatening behavior or fear as mediation tools. Not all youth transport services are equal. Some transports can be traumatizing so please ask about the team who will be with your child or adolescent. The process needs to be as painless as possible for the young person, talking them through their grievances with the current situation or whatever is going on at home or school while traveling together.

Being zip-tied by teen escorts is unacceptable.

Your child and you need to be treated with respect. Your adolescent / teen needs to be told the truth about what is happening. You need to be given all the details of the plan for the day and have a way to keep in communication with someone from the company. You and your child / teen need to be spoken to in a professional AND kind way.

Please ask a lot of questions during your interview and research process. A transport can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $9,000 depending on distance and when flights need to be booked.