Does the program communicate well with parents and have a clear plan to consult with them about important questions and decisions?

The best outdoor therapeutic and residential programs collaborate closely with your family and communicate clearly and openly about how your child or young adult is doing. This is crucial to treatment success. It need never be difficult to contact staff and they need to be in touch with parents regularly. Communication is the key to avoiding problems. Many good programs link new families with family members of children or young adults who are already in the program to help them navigate the system and get the most out of it. Programs may have family members or youth who have been through the program on their staff to be a resource to new families.

This can help families communicate and feel empowered.

With good communication, everyone involved is able to discuss even difficult issues, which might arise during treatment.

Never be afraid to raise concerns or ask questions. Other questions you may ask:

  • How will the program communicate with the family? How often?
  • Who specifically does the family speak with to discuss issues or raise concerns and questions?
  • How do you help families mentor each other?