• Will the program make our family feel like our ideas and opinions are important?
  • Does the program involve our family in decisions about our child or young adult during care?

You know your child better than anyone else does. Consequently, the best programs involve family members in as many ways as possible. Search for programs where family members perspectives are sought out and valued. See that letters and phone calls are encouraged right from the beginning, not used to reward or punish children or withhold them from their family. See that visits are encouraged.

See programs that creatively involve family members in many aspects of the program. See that when a child or young adult is not doing well, family contact is increased, when desired and families are not treated as the problem, rather as part of the solution. Other questions to ask:

  • How does the program involve family members in treatment?
  • What is the letter writing, visiting and phone contact policy?
  • What suggestions can the program offer to help parents aide in their child’s recovery?
  • Will the program teach parents the strategies they need to help their child at home?
  • Can the program provide the names of other family members that parents can talk to about their experience?
  • How will the program work with us?
  • How is transportation from and to the airport as well as to and from other off camps appointments handled?
  • Who are the drivers and do they have a DMV record check / insurance check completed before driving students?