Research and and visit every program you are considering to ensure it is offering the best available academic, clinical, family, nurturing, professional expertise for your child, adolescent or young adult.

Make sure their specific needs and challenges are going to be addressed as a part of their treatment plan for your adolescent. Just because there is an opening at a particular program doesn’t mean that that program is right for your child or adolescent. Research to discover whether the program can demonstrate that it has the specific expertise needed to help what you are searching for. Every child, teen, and young adult and family is unique and you want a successful experience. When your child, adolescent or young adult needs academic or clinical / psychological assessments, also search for the best expert you can find.

There are experts in the field of adoption, attachment, Aspergers and autism, eating disorders, family dysfunctions, learning disabilities such as ADHD and NLD, medical conditions such as OCD and ODD, non-binary and transgender, and other more serious psychiatric disorders.

Ideally, the outdoor therapeutic or residential program needs to be located as close to home as possible to make visiting easier. Do all you can to accommodate this desire, knowing that is not always possible when you desire the best outcome.

Be flexible.