Will all of the people working with the child or young adult meet or speak regularly with the parents as a team to talk about the child’s plan and how things are working?

A Child and Family Team (CFT) is the group of advocates, educational consultants, providers, educators, family members and others who know the child and who are working with the family. Everyone on this team collaborates to ensure that all necessary services are received in a coordinated way at the appropriate time. In the past, outdoor therapeutic programs and residential programs were isolated from the outside world and disconnected from advocates, educational consultants, therapists or other providers that work with a family before and after placement. Now, we know that integrating all the services a family receives into a system of care is much more effective. Other questions to ask:

  • Do you work with Child and Family Teams?
  • How will the outdoor therapeutic or residential program work with the Child and Family Team?
  • Which staff member(s) will attend CFT meetings or conference calls?