SPOTLIGHT – PAWSitive Side of Calo Programs

Calo has a robust canine program that is by headed Jeanna Osborn, Canine Director. There is excitement about at the Calo Teens and Calo Preteens campus, as they just received a special holiday treat of six new puppies, two of which are slated for the preteen canine […]

Your Dog: An Unconditional Innovation in Mental Health Treatment


A multitude of recent studies strengthen the case for dogs in therapy and one innovative behavioral health organization has taken the use of canines to a whole other level. A new groundbreaking study to investigate how dog brains process speech has revealed canines care about both what we […]

SPOTLIGHT CALO Young Adults Introductory rate of $9,960/month expires September 30th

Calo Young Adults






Specializing in treating the underlying root cause of emerging adult anxiety and depression.

The dust has settled, the renovations are complete, the team is built, and two full houses last week!

Calo Young Adults offers some of the most clinically sophisticated, developmental trauma treatment available.

Accepting 18-28 yr […]

SPOTLIGHT 2016 Professional Healing Trauma & Creating Attachment Conference




2016 Professional Healing Trauma & Creating Attachment Conference

May 23-25, 2016 at Calo in Lake Ozark, Missouri

Calo is holding its 6th Annual Professional Healing Trauma & Creating Attachment Conference. During this acclaimed attachment and trauma focused conference, Professionals from around the country come to learn about the most […]

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