Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is excited and honored to announce Christine Riley, LMFT as the new Clinical Director at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness. Blue Ridge has grown and evolved tremendously over the last sixteen months, and they continue to strengthen their commitment to healthy growth and company culture with a team that is stronger than ever at every level and department of the company.

A leadership role at Blue Ridge is truly a role of service, and Christine embodies this through her passion and commitment working with students, staff, families, and referring professionals.

“It’s my hope that I can support, encourage, teach, challenge, and serve every co-worker, student, family, and referring professional we work with.” Christine is a Primary Therapist for adolescent girls, ages 14-18, and will maintain her caseload while she steps into the Clinical Director role.

Christine grew up in the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York, and knew from a young age that she wanted to work in the woods with at-risk teens and their families. She had visions of families having more access to authentic relationship while utilizing the backdrop of wilderness.

“There’s nothing I’ve experienced in a clinical or personal environment that so naturally lends to vulnerability and shared quality time as the wilderness.”

She put those dreams on hold while getting her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in Hawaii, and then worked for a child sexual abuse treatment center, a place where families of domestic and/or sexual abuse came to heal.

Christine believes the true wilderness setting at Blue Ridge provides the safest, most meaningful and powerful setting for students to improve their self-worth, sense of belonging, and connection to self and others. Having facilitated therapy in several treatment modalities over the last 16 years, it is her experience that adolescent girls, in particular, aren’t given enough credit in terms of how strong and resourceful they are, especially when given the gift of being a part of a group of resilient, positive peers. Learning how to become more aware, more self-accepting, and increasing their sense of personal responsibility makes it more realistic for them to eventually tackle the noisy, often times overwhelming and risky “real world” outside of the woods.

Christine’s foundational approach is Family Systems oriented and she strongly believes that families need to be involved and evolving while the student is in treatment.

For each student, she implements a combination of insight-oriented, strengths-based, client-centered approaches.

Many professionals in the Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare field have been lucky to work with Christine over the years. Please join Blue Ridge in congratuling her in this new role.

Christine can be reached at

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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness offers clinically driven programs encompassing advanced therapeutic skill, a highly flexible nomadic wilderness therapy model, licensed wilderness therapy assessment and multiple treatment options for troubled teens and pre-teens ages 10-18 years old.  

Our individualized approach, family support and commitment to service translate to an unparalleled experience and better outcomes for adolescents and families.


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