Elevations RTC is a co-ed residential treatment program for troubled teens.

They focus primarily on promoting the positive and healthy development of troubled adolescents through intensive therapy and comprehensive medical care. Quite recently, the team has become aware of a new phase in the drug use of teens: Using e-cigs for vaping marijuana. Parents of teens may understand that this is harmful, but may not be entirely aware of the adverse long-term effects that this type of drug use could potentially have on their teens. Elevations RTC is available to help educate, prevent, and treat.

Vaping and Drug Use

Many parents of teens find themselves wondering what exactly vaping even is. Vaping is defined as the act of inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer (e-cigs). Heat is applied to an oily liquid within the device, which generates the vapor teens are inhaling. This provides a supply of nicotine in an almost odorless (depending on which type) vapor. This makes it easier to hide from parents of teens are looking out for their welfare.

While studies have shown that e-cigs are significantly less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, teens are still ingesting nicotine and toxic substances into their bodies. The concern also increases when troubled teens opt for putting THC oil into their vaporizers, thus vaping marijuana in order to get high. This means teens are able to smoke legal (and illegal) marijuana in illegal places without being detected. Those teens who are at risk for dependency and substance abuse are more likely to become hooked on substances after abusing this method.

Seek Help Today

Elevations RTC offers a full staff of licensed clinicians, nurse practitioners, and mental health professionals that boast master’s and/or doctoral training. With a 1:50 staff to student ratio, those enrolled benefit from over 25 hours of clinical contact each week.

This includes individual, group, and family therapies in addition to parent training. Evidence-based substance abuse therapy also includes individual and group therapies, as well as 12-Step meetings designed to get troubled teens back on the path to success and sobriety.

Parents of teens are encouraged to call Elevations RTC when they suspect their teen may be in need of assistance.

Get them back on the right track, and speak to one of the consultants from Elevations RTC. Call 800–773–0200 today.

Author – Craig Rogers