Alpine Academy recently completed another Triennial Accreditation with the Teaching-Family Association and has successfully been re-accredited as a certified sponsor site and program.

Alpine Academy has been accredited by the Teaching-Family Association for nearly 15 years.

Accreditation is overseen by the Teaching-Family Association Committee on Accreditation and Ethics, and the Board of Directors.

Site reviews are conducted by a team of highly qualified reviewers, all with extensive experience in training, consulting, supervising, evaluating and managing the fidelity of the Model across North America and abroad.

The on-site review takes place over the course of several days during which time the team reviews extensive documentation, visits programs, and interviews staff, students and other stakeholders.

This accreditation process is essential to ensure comprehensive implementation of all standards associated with the integrity of the Teaching-Family Model.

All goals, systems and elements are assessed and evaluated; criteria must be met in all standards.

The power and potential of this evidence-based model, based on 50 years of extensive and on-going research, is met only in programs and agencies fully endorsed and accredited by the Teaching-Family Association.

Alpine Academy is honored to be a part of the Teaching-Family Association and to join with other agencies around the world in creating effective change in the lives of students and families.

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