At Alpine Academy we believe your daughter’s recovery and growth process does not end when she graduates and prepares to leave our campus.

Continuing support upon completion of the Alpine Academy program plays a key role in your daughter’s road to a healthy, fulfilling life, and your family’s ultimate success.

Our Aftercare Coordinator works closely with you and your daughter, as well as her residential, academic and clinical team. Together, the team will prepare a collaborative and effective transition and aftercare plan which targets your family’s strengths and addresses areas of concern. These plans are highly individualized, and are built around the specific transition your daughter will be making. Whether she is returning home, moving on to college or another placement, Aftercare will provide support and interventions to assist during every step of the way. Your family can expect to receive planned follow-up phone calls to check in, provide support, troubleshoot and problem solve.

The Aftercare Coordinator will be your point of contact for any additional needs which may arise as your family adjusts to this next step in your daughter’s journey. Determining your daughter’s unique passions and goals will also be a part of her Aftercare process. We will strive to find ways to connect your daughter to opportunities related to her specific strengths and passions.

We believe that as your daughter transitions, having access to structured and supportive activities related to her interests will increase her overall level of happiness and success in her new environment. Aftercare may also include the Coordinator’s travel, as necessary, to your home prior to and following your daughter’s discharge. This element of the Aftercare Program is intended to provide in-home support and immediate guidance for your family and ensure continuity of treatment and services.

The decision to have Aftercare in your home will be evaluated and determined by your family’s individual needs and the entire treatment team.

Graduates of Alpine Academy and their families are also encouraged to attend Alumni events, which occur throughout the year, and range from more intimate gatherings at an Alumni’s home, to our annual Alumni Weekend Event, which takes place on our beautiful campus during the month of July. The Aftercare program is designed to provide ongoing support in the form of these structured and often cherished events.