Young Adult Program Options

Young Adult Program Options – There are many options for young adults. There are uniquely structured residential wellness and life skills programs.

Trainings needed to get into careers with a future.

Multidisciplinary clinical programs for typical young adults and young adults with special needs.

Programs providing guidance to discover young adults independent paths. Treatment centers.

Programs for young adults who struggle with one or more mental health issues, especially those co-occurring with addiction or substance abuse. Outdoor therapeutic programs of young adults that are hampered by addicting, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, or lack of motivation.

Transitional living program for adults who have failed to launch. All these programs are for those ages 18 and over.

AIM House has two facilities. The men’s program is located on the hill just blocks away from the University of Colorado and is affectionately known as The Castle. The second house is our young women’s program, located just north of downtown Boulder in a historical landmark called The Earl House.

Our staff provides caring, consistent, and honest communication and connection with each of our students.

Regardless of the level of care needed, Benchmark will customize and individualize a program suitable for each client’s needs.

Four Circles Recovery Center is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is a leading adventure-based wilderness treatment center offering lasting recovery for young adults struggling with drug & alcohol addiction and mental health issues.

Call us at 385.200.0799. Locations in Bend and Portland, Oregon;
Puerto Rico;
Heber, Orem, Park City, and Salt Lake City, Utah; San Diego, California. 

Reed’s Bay provides an ideal balance of nature and healthy interaction with the community in the town of Hilo / Hawaii.

Pure Life Aspiro is a research-based Wilderness Adventure Therapy program for young adults located in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

Our wilderness therapy model isn’t easy. Unlike other young adult addiction programs, Medicine Wheel is not a hospital or country club setting. Young adult therapy at Medicine Wheel takes place outdoors in the beautiful high desert plateaus of Southern Utah.

Our program includes both individual and family therapy, coaching, observation, community outreach, and crisis management.