Young Adult Aftercare / Home Based / Transition Programs

young-adult-aftercareYoung Adult Aftercare / Home Based / Transition Programs  – A young adult independent living skills treatment program could be perfect after completing a residential treatment center or wilderness therapy program, to get more support before returning back to school or stepping into living on their own.

In the Young Adult Transition Programs they offer unique living experiences for those ranging in age from eighteen and up. They offer nurturing environments with customized mentoring and support to empower young men and women transitioning into adulthood.

Locations include California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Oregon, Puerto Rico, and Utah.

Home Based Programs are for when your daughter or son is ready to move on from treatment and from home. Knowing how to help in appropriate and empowering ways is top priority.

We provide a positively structured living environment and a supportive, personalized program.

We provide extended care for young adults exiting other treatment and wilderness therapy programs, hospitalization & stabilization units, and adolescents aging out of therapeutic boarding schools.

We are a nation-wide group of specialized therapists who work with young adults before, during, or soon to complete treatment—no matter where home is.

The core team of Pacia Life has over 125 years combined experience.

Our program is a research-based, comprehensive home and community-oriented approach that addresses the complete environment in which the family lives.