Educational / Therapeutic Consultants for Young Adult Assistance

educational-therapeutic-conEducational / Therapeutic Consultants Specializing in Assisting Young Adults – Offering guidance in finding the best environment for your young adult’s educational, social and personal growth or failure to launch challenge. Finding the right school, treatment program or young adult living and transition program for your young adult is one of the most important decisions your family will make. When chosen wisely, this experience will be life changing and lead to future success. With all the choices available, making this decision can be overwhelming. These Educational Consultants provide you with personalized guidance in making an informed choice.

Dr. Doré Frances travels on a regular basis in order to thoroughly research and assess available program and school options for all her young adult clients. There is no substitute for first hand on-site knowledge.

Kenneth Davis MAAEd CTRS
Therapeutic Educational Consultant
888 489-6669

Planning and Counseling services, is a private educational consultancy practice , providing help for parents to address educational needs of their children. Our wealth of knowledge with placement provides parents information about private Independent Schools and Programs. Many of our students, range in ages from pre teen to young adults. These families generally need our direction and support with the behavior of their children in a school or home setting.