Sexual Impulsive Behavior Programs

Sexual Impulsive Behavior Programs – Ages 12 to 18. Treatment focusing on treating the core of the addiction rather than the symptoms.

Sexual addiction and/or impulsive behavior is a real and devastating problem.

These programs include confidential, personal, and effective gender-specific treatment.

Technology/gaming/social media addictions, reckless and deceptive on-line behavior and pornography/cyber-sex addiction are among the issues that are treated. Misuse of technology and a “hyper-sexualized” culture lead increasing numbers of teens to become entangled in a variety of dangerous and addictive behaviors that require professional help to overcome.

We provide intensive and comprehensive residential treatment for teenage boys who are struggling with inappropriate sexual behaviors.

With a CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) clinical director and therapists at Oxbow, you can expect the best when it comes to knowledge and addiction treatment.