Parent Coaching

parent-coachingParent Coaching -Are you looking to be the best parent you can be and live the positive and healthy relationships essential for a family to thrive?

Do you need a Parent Coach? Could a parent coach turn you into the parent you always hoped to be? Parent coaching is customized-to-your-family.

Parents are their children’s greatest resource.

There are so many influences on children these days: computers, friends, games, movies, music, magazines, TV, videos, etc. that parents often feel exasperated when trying to compete with them. Most Parent Coaches offer a free consultation and can answer any questions you might have about the differences between Parent Coaching and Therapy or Counseling and which might be the best direction to help you and your family.

Not by Chance: How Parents Boost Their Teen’s Success in and After Treatment.Your struggling teenager is going to a residential or wilderness treatment program. Their addictions, learning disabilities, or emotional/behavioral issues have brought you to a moment of decision. Heartsick, anxious, and exhausted, questions bounce endlessly around your mind, “Will this work?  Was this really necessary? Will she ever forgive me?  Can we handle him at home when the time comes?”

Dr. Tim Thayne delivers the answers in his groundbreaking book Not by Chance. As an owner/therapist of wilderness and residential programs, Thayne was frustrated when young people made monumental progress, only to return home where things quickly unraveled. His mission became to vastly improve long-term success by crafting and proving a model to coach parents on their power to lead out through full engagement during treatment and management of the transition home.

Solutions Parenting Support is a parent specific support program, helping parents to shape their home environment and family system through individualized parent coaching and support.