Best Boarding Schools

boarding-schoolsThe term conjures images of immaculately kept, small, countryside campuses; blazers, ties and gray skirts; Dead Poets Society, The Emperor’s Club, and Hogwarts; academic excellence, forms, and traditions — these are all ideas we associate with boarding schools (not to mention expense). When parents choose to send their children and teens to boarding schools, they’re choosing to send them to the most competitive, influential and selective schools in the country. We approved schools that offer signature, specialized programs (as well as schools that are beyond solid in their approach to the traditional curriculum).

We also approved schools that take a proactive approach to whole person development. There is hard work to be done out there in the world, and we evaluated schools that teach students to value hard work, both in and out of the classroom setting. Community service, chores, jobs—all of these contribute to instilling a work ethic.

Summit Preparatory School provides informed, well-trained professionals to nurture the academic, vocational, social and emotional development of the whole child.