Aftercare / Home Based / Transition Support

Home Based programs have various models and usually involve a team going into the home and working with the youth and family in their own community.

The team develops a network of support within the home community to best serve the needs of the family and their child.

For adolescents and teens who have attended a residential or wilderness program and are coming home, a transition program can assist.

Aftercare and Transition programs will work side-by-side with teens and their families to ensure that an effective aftercare plan is in place prior to their transition.

We are a nation-wide group of specialized therapists who work with teens before, during, or soon to complete treatment—no matter where home is.

Redwood Grove Transitional Systems is a unique and highly effective aftercare program that began working with families in 2006, when our founder, Dr. Tolen, sought a way to help his residential treatment clients return home with minimal chance of relapse.