Falcon Ridge Ranch
Virgin, Utah

Youth Supervisor

Falcon Ridge Ranch is a licensed Residential Treatment Center for Girls ages 12 to 18 who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems but haven’t thrived under the traditional care of outpatient treatment and require an out-of-home therapeutic setting. Falcon Ridge Ranch, is currently seeking to fill the position of Youth Supervisor.

Previous experience is helpful but not required. We are looking for outgoing individuals to help support our students through their daily schedules which includes: Activities, Academics, Meal Times, and other regimen’s that happen daily.

Job Description/Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Staff will always be a role model and display care and concern for students and co-workers
  • Staff will be required to work as a team player and support program philosophy
  • Staff will follow chain of command/line of authority at all times when communicating and planning for students and program
  • Staff will follow program vision, policy and procedures at all times
  • Staff will dress professional causal at all times
  • Staff will have professional conduct in dress, language, actions, and team work
  • Staff will be trained in CPR, first aid, verbal and physical intervention crisis techniques, positive peer culture, and to attend any other training required by the state and treatment center
  • Staff will be required to provide close proximity and eyesight supervision of students at all times while working required shift
  • Staff will be required to provide safety and supervision for all students during their shift
  • Staff will be required to be alcohol and drug free during their employment
  • Staff may be subject to random drug testing during their employment

Full Time Position – Full Benefits

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